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Introducing The Dr. Schedule, an affordable, full-featured online calendar that allows your Team Members to request, schedule, and swap assignments. Add events to the calendar yourself, or allow our ScheduleMaker Service to create an optimal schedule for your Team that honors time off requests, obeys your customized scheduling rules, and keeps the number of shifts equal for everyone. Scroll down to learn more, and revolutionize your schedule-making! View our pricing plans here.

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Request, Schedule, Swap

The Dr. Schedule allows you to create different jobs or events (including time off events) that your team members can request, add to the calendar, or swap, depening on the permissions you set for each job. Team members may also request NOT to have a particular job on a particular day. Team Managers can assist with approving/denying any requests/swaps and assign team members to cover other team members that are off (or who have jobs that require coverage). Need to add a large number of events to the calendar all at once? QuickAdd and QuickRemove allow you to edit the calendar with just one click!

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Automatic Reminders

We live in a complicated world, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the tasks we have to do every day. Team Members can choose to receive text and/or email reminders about events they have scheduled for today or tomorrow. Team Managers can add Announcements that will be sent out to all Team Members (for example: Office Closed Today).


Sync to Everything

The Dr. Schedule automatically maintains Internet Subscribed Calendars (.ics files) for each team member, so team members can sync their schedules with their smartphone or computer. You can also easily generate a PDF file of the entire team's calendar, customized to display only the team members and jobs that you specify. This PDF file can be emailed out to your team (for those of us who like a hard copy!).

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ScheduleMaker. End the exasperation.

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating schedules? Introducing ScheduleMaker, a technology that will create your Team Schedule automatically. Our team will work with you to create ScheduleMaker Rules (do not assign job A within x days of job B). When your team is ready, we will create an optimal schedule that fairly distributes shifts, obeys all of the rules you set, and accounts for all of the requests from your team members. You will be able to analyze the proposed schedule on a separate web page and/or excel file. You can send the proposed schedule to your team for approval if you wish. When you are satisfied with the results, we will transfer the schedule to your calendar and send you a PDF file which you can email to your team. Learn more about ScheduleMaker by clicking here.

Contact Us to get a quote from one of our Scheduling Experts for a solution that will meet your team's needs.

Practical Examples

  • Hospitalists On Call: Johnny Appleseed is the coordinator of a large group of hospitalist physicians. Doctors are assigned either day call or night call shifts, as well as a weekend call duty. Johnny creates three Jobs on the online calendar (DAYCALL, NIGHTCALL, and WEEKENDCALL). Each month the physicians enter in their time off requests, and our ScheduleMaker Expert creates an optimal schedule for the team, with each doctor having an equal amount of DAYCALL, NIGHTCALL, and WEEKENDCALL shifts over time. Physicians are not assigned call when they are out, post-call, or have another call shift that day. Call duties are spread out as equally as possible with as much time in between weekends as possible. The new schedule is sent to Johnny for approval each month, and he is able to edit and then email the physicians a PDF "hardcopy" as well as the online calendar that is synced to their smartphones.
  • Cardiology Practice: Jane Doe is the practice manager for a group of cardiologists. The cardiologists use the online calendar to keep track of day call, night call, and weekend duties as described for the hospitalist team above. In addition, every weekday one cardiologist is assigned to each of the following duties: EKG Reader, Echo Reader, and Stress Test Reader. Each month, the cardiologists enter their time off requests. Some of the cardiologists request to have the Echo/EKG/Stress test responsibilities all in the same day. These requests are approved by Jane, and the ScheduleMaker service fills in the empty slots, creating an optimal schedule for all of these duties (call and imaging responsibilities). Physicians receive text messages at 7 AM that remind them of their duties that day ("Alert- you have EKG today") and can swap responsibilities online if needed.
  • Time Off Management: Samatha Smith is the administrator of a busy medical practice with 20 medical assistants. She needs an easy way for the assistants to request time off. The Dr. Schedule allows Team Members to enter their requests into a full-featured online calendar. Samatha and a few other appointed Team Managers can approve or deny these time off requests and assign other Team Members to cover the medical assistants who are OUT. Team Members get email and text message alerts when they are assigned to cover someone else. Everyone can view the schedule online or sync it to their desktop or mobile device.


“The world is full of products that make simple things complicated. Finally, this is a product that makes a complex process simple. The Dr. Schedule allows our practice to focus on what really matters - patient care - while the computer does all our scheduling work fairly."

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- Dr. Kayleigh Litton, Interventional Cardiologist, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

“The Dr. Schedule is a wonderful product! It has certainly made scheduling significantly better for the physicians (attendings and fellows), nurses and medical assistants in our practice. It helps me and our practice to work more efficiently and effectively. It also allows us to have access to our schedules on our desktops and phones. I give it my highest recommendation to anyone wanting to simplify their scheduling and make their practice work on a higher level."

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- Dr. Russell Huntsinger, Cardiologist, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

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